Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Moving is Rough

Dear Lord, I had no idea this past week and a half was going to be so hard. I thought we would just move our stuff and clean some and that would be that. But nope, we jumped in with both feet. I'll do a longer post later, because I'm really just exhausted. A quick recap though. We redid our living room, bedroom, And bathroom. All in addition to cleaning and moving our stuff. I was working so hard that I had to skip the half marathon that I was so looking forward to. And I lost the money that I put towards it, which is a huge bummer since I still don't have a job! (I hope, hope, hope that changes soon!)

Anyway, it's been a whirl wind. The house is slowing starting to feel like ours. And I'm still adjusting to living so close to family. The adventure continues. I hope to post more with some pics very soon!

P.S. I've been eating horribly and haven't run for over a week. Yeah, I hope that changes soon. I'm working slowly at it.