Friday, April 26, 2013

Ready for the Weekend

Not much  going on this week. Ran an easy 3 miles on Tuesday, my knees had been a little sore from my 10 miler on Sunday, Spin class on Wednesday, 6 miles + strength yesterday and rest day today.

I'm headed to my hometown this weekend so I'm not sure what my mileage will look like, but it probably won't be very much. I hope to go on a small run tomorrow morning before I head to the circus with my family to entertain my niece and nephew ;)

Just got to get in what you can, when you can.

I also want to take a short run to try out my new hydration/fuel belt. I've been having some weird nerve twinges with my handheld on my long run, so I figured I better get a belt so that I don't cause any damage. I have enough pain with a pinched sciatic nerve that runs from my back to my legs, I don't need anymore pain!

As far as fueling, I don't do much. I just take some water with me and have played with some Gatorade chews, which worked pretty well and some Stinger chews which did make my stomach feel a little funny. I have a weird thing with certain sugars. I tend to be almost like a diabetic in the fact that I can get shaky quickly (especially with artificial sugar) and I have a sensitive stomach. So finding the right fuel before any race is definitely essential. I don't need a whole lot right now just because I'm not running far enough to need a whole lot, but for triathlons and longer bike rides, I'll need to know what works for future endeavors. For my 10 miler, for example, I took two Gatorade chews at mile 6 and two more at mile 8. The Stingers seemed to give me more energy, but I don't like the way it affected my stomach so I might be trying some other things too.

Not looking forward to all the temptations that arise when I head to my hometown. Hopefully my sister, who has started to count calories, can keep me in check. I just hit the 150's, I don't want to have to scramble to get back there after this weekend, but we shall see! Healthy choices lead to more health choices, so I just need to counter any treats with healthy eating and get in my run at the start of the day!

Have a happy and healthy weekend!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No Timeline

I occasionally listen to the podcast Half Size Me. This is a great podcast (available through ITunes or Stitcher Radio) dealing with various weight loss stories, maintenance, and different exercise. If you like strength training or kettlebells, you definitely want to check her out.

Anyway, I was listening and they mentioned reaching goals by certain deadlines. People need to understand that this is not a race. You are not the hare and you do not get $200 for passing GO. To truly change your body and health, you need to make changes that are for the long term. This means you keep exercising and choosing the healthier options even when the scale doesn't move! I've hit various periods where it took a long time to get past a certain weight (175 was a tough one for me for example). BUT I kept going! I don't ever want to go back to the person who struggled to move, to get out of bed, who had issues that people in their eighties experience! (That's a whole other post).

I've never given up foods that I like or continued exercise that I don't want to do forever. Yes this means that my weight loss is slower, but guess what, I've never felt deprived, I won't gain a whole bunch of weight back when I go off a plan (since I don't have one), and I'll be able to maintain my weight loss.  Through counting calories and really watching my portions, I've been able to eat the food I like. Over time though the food that I like has developed into healthier options and I can't stand half the food I used to stuff down my throat.

 My point is that even if  your weight loss or reaching your fitness goals takes years, what does it matter? As long as you continue to be healthy and live an active life, then you haven't wasted your time, you've bettered yourself! When you get frustrated with the scale or you feel like you're not losing weight fast enough, remember to continue down the path to health and your body will catch up.

If you need even more motivation, I was included in Runs for Cookies' Blog for Motivational Monday. She always posts people's accomplishments on Monday's and they are very inspiring! Make sure to check out her blog, it's one of my favorites.

Always being healthy isn't always easy, but to ignore your health is not an option. It's either live with the pain of obesity and being sedentary and pay those consequences. OR get up and move and push through the temporary pain of exercise so that you can live a life full of experiences and new limits.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


In June 2011, I started a version of Couch to 5K. The plan was similar to the Hal Higdon plan, but was from Sparkpeople. I worked all summer long to reach the 3.1 mile goal. I had signed up for a race that October. The plan and the goal of running a race honestly changed my life forever. I cannot say enough about how running and Sparkpeople (I'm aliwvu121 on there btw) has given me a whole new outlook on life. Although I still don't fully appreciate the way my body looks, I am immensely proud of the fact that body has taken me places and distances I never dreamed I could do. Hello Triathlon, hello 5k's and 10k's.

First 5K in October of 2011

First Sprint Triathlon August 2012

I had a lot of time today to think about how far I have come and how much further I want to do. I had a lot of time during my first DOUBLE DIGIT RUN!

It was definitely hard, but I pushed through and with an average of 10.30 mile, not too shabby! I started out running over a 15 minute mile. That is, when I built up to a mile.

So much of weight loss is mental, so keep up determination and consistency. Support definitely helps, but when people in your household may not want the same things you do, you need to find another way to get that support. It might be through friends, an online community (Such as Facebook, Sparkpeople, My Fitness Pal, a Blog, etc), or reading other people's stories. That is another thing that has really kept me determined to get off the couch and keep up with my exercise and keep counting calories. Seeing that other people can get up and have these amazing experiences through fitness keeps me wanting more.

Lots of milestones this week! I reached my original goal weight of losing 80 pounds and my first double digit run!

I hope other people reach a milestone this week, whether it be weight loss, record of not binging, fitness related, food related, whatever! Have faith and be determined to reach your goals!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Original Goal

I've got some exciting news! I reached my original goal this week!!

When I started my weight loss journey at 240 pounds, I could not imagine weighing 160 pounds. I have never in my adult life (or even teen life) weighed so little. 80 freaking pounds GONE! Woot!

Now that I'm here I realize that I'm not done losing weight and still have lots of room for improvement. I decided a while ago that 150 would be my goal. This weight puts me at a healthy BMI. When (not IF) I reach the 150 goal, I'll re-evaluate.

I also really need to work on fitting in more strength training. I tend to half-ass it. Strength training can help with loose skin (which I have of course) and tone everything up. My goal will be to do legs and arms at least twice a week, maybe 3.

Another exciting moment in this crazy journey will happen this week hopefully. I have my first double digit run this weekend!! I'll either do it tomorrow or Sunday, depending on the weather.

Just get out there and move! Walk, run, dance, bike, stretch, anything! Make small changes over time
that you can do for the rest of your life and that you enjoy!

Around 230-240

4 Mile Temp Run Done. 160lbs.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tips for Eating Out

Today is my Birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

As most people, I went out to eat tonight to celebrate. Eating out has been the biggest issue in my weight loss. However, I have some tips of what to do to eat out and still lose weight!

- As many people have mentioned before, Plan ahead! If you have a smart phone, it's so so easy to do this. Simply look up the menu before you go, even plan the drink. I've learned that sometimes it helps to write it down (I text it to myself) or tell someone what you are planning to have. That way you will be less likely to change your mind and choose something less healthy.

Sometime even healthy looking options are calorie bombs.

-Stick with lean meats. This means grilled chicken and fish. If you want a steak then get it! BUT make sure it's not the whole cow. Learn your portions. Don't want anything much bigger than the palm of your hand, 4 oz.

-Watch the extras. Try to avoid items such as extra dressings, bacon, cheese (especially if it has cheese in it and on top, ask for one or the other or neither and save a ton of calories!). Or easily get something on the side like we all hear to do.

-Do not be afraid to be picky. More than likely they won't spit in your food ;)

-And just because you eat out does not mean you need to binge all night or eat until your stomach hurts. Leave extra food on your plate. If this is hard for you, pick out how much you want to eat probably half, and either put it in a to-go box or separate it on your plate so that you are less likely to eat it.

-(This one is hard for me, but I'm getting better at it) Get WATER when you eat out. This will save you lots of calories and will fill you up faster.

-(This one is also extra hard for me) Don't let your friends or whoever you're eating with persuade how you eat. Planning definitely helps in this! Keep a positive mindset that you are there for the company, not really the food. And if you are there just for food, there are always healthy options that are just as yummy if not yummier (especially since you won't feel gross after eating it!).

You don't have to eat salad every time you go out to eat, but be aware that most restaurant food is going to have more sodium so your weight might spike up the next day. Drink extra water to counter this. Also I try to eat extra healthy if I know I'm going out that night for dinner. Losing weight by eating at home is definitely easier, make no mistake. However, you won't spend the rest of your life eating at home. So learning how to eat out is essential for long term success.

Have a healthy and happy evening everyone.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon

What the hell is wrong with people?

Completely appalled at what's happened. I watched the winners this morning and came back from a workout to learn what had happened. Two confirmed dead so far. Hopefully no more.

Prayers and thoughts with the people involved and their families, friends.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

7 Minutes

I had 9 miles on the schedule for today. After doing some tempo work this week and my 2 miles under 20 minutes yesterday, I decided to try to pay more attention to my pace. I wanted to stay under 10 minutes during my running because I include a walk after every mile. I usually just walk a tenth of a mile, but today I decided to keep my walking under a minute.

The result: I beat last week's 9 miles by 7 minutes! Woot Woot!

That averages out to about a 10:30 pace. I can handle that. Some of my runs have been more like an 11:30 or 12 pace! I've got to pay more attention because there's no reason I should go that pace. I guess I can start setting a time and distance goal and my Motoactv might tell me to speed up if I'm going too slow. Maybe I'll try that this week.

If I keep this average pace up I should definitely hit my secret goal of doing the half marathon under 2:30. I know I'm not supposed to put a time constraint on my first half, but under 2:30 is pretty lenient!

Now for some Cinderella duties around the house. Oh the joy.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Gear

Okay I might have splurged a little, but I got some new bike gear today!

I bought new handle bar grips with extensions and a bike air pump.
Specialized Vita

 After I got everything put on my bike (yes I paid the bike shop $12 to put everything on for me, totally worth it), I went out on the rail trail to try them out. Loved it! I also went on a short two mile run. It was wonderful. Furthermore, I ran both miles under 10 minutes. Really great workout for sure!

I also received some new gear from my boyfriend for an early birthday present. Not sure if I mentioned that I washed and dried my old pair of I got these for my birthday!
Yurbud Ironman Earphones
 So far they have been great. They stay in place well and are comfortable. These are the first ones that I've worn that have stayed. Woot! Only thing I wish they had is a clip to hook to my shirt. My old ones had that and it really helped the wire from going all over the place. Wonder if I can buy a little clip like that? Hm. The ear plugs can be turned so that they fit directly where they are supposed to and the part that goes behind your ear can be pushed down or up.

9 miles on the schedule for tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ban on Diet Soda

Since I've been running more my eating has felt out of control! One part of this though, I think, is drinking too much diet soda and tea. So back to keeping strict count of my calories and....


I've give up diet soda for a brief period before, but obviously went back to it. I want to give it up for good though!

Today begins that day! Day 1. Let the headaches and caffeine detox begin. Oh boy.

I should note that I'm going to have one cup of hot tea in the mornings. I'll use just a little bit of honey and hopefully eventually nothing in that. Hot tea doesn't usually make me have the cravings diet pop does and iced tea.

I've been feeling crummy about my eating lately and know that it's holding back my weight loss. I need to get really serious about it and start telling my boyfriend no to certain foods like I used to.

I can do this!
We can do this!

Off to ride my bike outside for the first time this year! Hopefully before the rain hits, lol.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

9 Miles

This weekend has been a lovely weekend. The weather has been great, I got a new pair of shoes, and I took a nap today! ;)

A slightly daunting 9 miles was on the schedule for today. I did 3 yesterday and 5 on Friday, so I felt pretty good today. However, I ate lunch unintentionally at Olive Garden yesterday after having two salads on Friday, so I was rightfully worried more than usual about my stomach.

So these are my new shoes! I went to the local running shop and got the Brooks Pure Flow 2.
 I had to get them in a size 11!! Eeep. But they have felt good. I wore them yesterday for my short run and today for the 9 miles. They are much lighter than my other ones and my feet (plantar fasciitis) didn't hurt as much.

I actually went 10 miles today. After the above food intake, my stomach started hurting sooo badly around mile 3.5-4. I knew there was a park up ahead so I was determined, no matter how far out of the way I had to go, that I would make it there and pray that they had a restroom. (They did, thank goodness!)

The bathroom detour made me go an extra mile, so I figured I would run until mile 9 and walk the rest of the way to my car. I do an out and back on a rail trail. I love the trails around here. They are relatively flat, beautiful, and I usually get to see some interesting animals. Today it was many dogs that people were walking, very cute!

My time for the 9 miles was 1:42. This is a pretty slow pace (11.5), but I keep telling myself that I need to concentrate on getting the miles in, not my pace. So I'm happy I achieved a new distance and rewarded myself with a lovely nap!

Just finished Game of Thrones Season 2 and Walking Dead ended. What on earth am I going to do tonight?? Find a book to read I suppose. I could clean, but....that's boring, lol.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Importance of Good Shoes

I was talking with a friend the other day about running the half marathon in June. He is supposed to do it with me, but has been having knee issues. I told him I had knee issues until I got new shoes. This made me start thinking about my shoes. So I decided to try running my easy three miles yesterday in my old shoes.

Oh My Goodness! My right knee hurt so bad after just a little while. I almost didn't make it through my three miles!

I've also been thinking about shoes because I have gotten blisters on the ends of my toes. Okay, I have extremely long toes, but my feet started hurting pretty badly on my 8 mile run on Monday. However, like I mentioned the other day, I bought shoe inserts to help with the discomfort in my plantar fasciitis area. So I don't know if its the shoes or the inserts that are hurting. I had some rubbing before, but not this bad. On the other hand, I've upped my running, so it could have been the shoes all along and it has just gotten worse. Tomorrow I'm going to run my four miles without the inserts again and pay more attention to my toes.
My first pair of running shoes.
After tomorrow, if my toes hurt, I'll go Friday to the local running shop and see if I can get a pair that has more toe room. I don't want to spend the money, but it can't hurt to have a couple of shoes to choose between anyway.

I also have to get a new pair of headphones....I maybe sorta kinda washed/dried mine. I forgot they were in a jacket that I put in there :(  RIP headphones.

And I should be able to run outside tomorrow and the rest of this weekend! Yay for good weather!