Sunday, April 7, 2013

9 Miles

This weekend has been a lovely weekend. The weather has been great, I got a new pair of shoes, and I took a nap today! ;)

A slightly daunting 9 miles was on the schedule for today. I did 3 yesterday and 5 on Friday, so I felt pretty good today. However, I ate lunch unintentionally at Olive Garden yesterday after having two salads on Friday, so I was rightfully worried more than usual about my stomach.

So these are my new shoes! I went to the local running shop and got the Brooks Pure Flow 2.
 I had to get them in a size 11!! Eeep. But they have felt good. I wore them yesterday for my short run and today for the 9 miles. They are much lighter than my other ones and my feet (plantar fasciitis) didn't hurt as much.

I actually went 10 miles today. After the above food intake, my stomach started hurting sooo badly around mile 3.5-4. I knew there was a park up ahead so I was determined, no matter how far out of the way I had to go, that I would make it there and pray that they had a restroom. (They did, thank goodness!)

The bathroom detour made me go an extra mile, so I figured I would run until mile 9 and walk the rest of the way to my car. I do an out and back on a rail trail. I love the trails around here. They are relatively flat, beautiful, and I usually get to see some interesting animals. Today it was many dogs that people were walking, very cute!

My time for the 9 miles was 1:42. This is a pretty slow pace (11.5), but I keep telling myself that I need to concentrate on getting the miles in, not my pace. So I'm happy I achieved a new distance and rewarded myself with a lovely nap!

Just finished Game of Thrones Season 2 and Walking Dead ended. What on earth am I going to do tonight?? Find a book to read I suppose. I could clean, but....that's boring, lol.