Sunday, December 6, 2015

Goings On

Can't say much has been happening in my fitness/ health life. I've been having bad winter blues lately and have watched an unimaginable amount of Netflix in bed the past few weeks.

However, I did get my butt up to go the Huntington Turkey Trot. Which, very surprisingly, was the first time I've run 3.1 miles without walking! I don't know if it was the flat course, the early morning, or the perfect temperatures, or all of the above, but I felt good while running. I didn't take any photos because I thought there would be some posted, but I was distracted during the run by human turkeys and squirrels, Pilgrims and Indians, and Power Rangers. Oh, and lots of doggies! (The run supported Little Victories, a no kill shelter).

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On December 1st, I made an hour trip to get injections shots into my back. It's supposed to help with the bulging disc that has made me hurt countless times this year. I was hoping that it would be a miracle right away, but I'm still having pain. I start physical therapy back up, at a different place, this week. Then on the the 15th I will go back to get my other set of shots. I'm hoping with more physical therapy and the other shot that I will get to a good place again. I think the pain has taken a toll on my mental health. I'm really tired of it being one thing or another.

To cheer myself up, I went out today and bought myself a new smart TV for my workout room! haha. It's a 40" and pretty nice! Also, my boyfriend and I went out and scoped some weight home gyms. After three stores, we decided to go with a slightly more simple one:

Richard ordered it for me on Amazon and it should be here by Wednesday :)  I'm really excited. I'll post a picture of the whole setup once its done. Hopefully we can put it together without killing ourselves.

To get myself back on track I've been doing rather well with keeping track of my calories as well. I'm just taking small steps right now to get myself out of my funk. For a little while I felt like I was just giving up on myself and going back to not caring. I was becoming more emotional and it was getting harder to get out of bed. This all reminded me of when I was at my highest weight. I used to cry at night all the time, whether I had a reason to or not. And all I would do is hang out on the couch and watch TV. A lot like I've been doing lately. Thankfully, I haven't been hiding how I've been feeling and I think that makes a huge difference. I got together with friends last night and they made me realize that I've got to keep fighting. Also my boyfriend puts up with my whimsy ideas and doesn't discourage me.

When I got together with friends last night, there was also a purpose to it. My friend hosted an Essential Oils party. Particularly for DoTerra Oils. It was really interesting. I've been to a little class about them before, but this was more relaxed and informal. For those who don't know, essential oils are pure extracts from plants. Basically its part of a holistic type of medicine and living. I think there can be some good in it and I'm open to it, but I definitely don't think it's something you can rely completely on for health. I ended up buying the Physicians kit as a Christmas present, its a good sample, I hope.
This is what it comes with: Family Physician® Kit: 5 mL bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue®, dōTERRA Breathe, DigestZen®, and dōTERRA On Guard®

If the person I bought these for doesn't like them, then I will definitely try them out. If nothing else then just for the smell. To give myself an extra boost, hopefully, I decided to give these a try:
The "Slim and Sassy" softgels. I have no idea if they will work or not, but I figured hey why not. I don't think they will hurt anything. Here is a blurb about it from Amazon. I didn't buy these off Amazon. It's just easy to get descriptions from. DoTerra relies a lot on their salesmen, so the website is not that great for information.

Product Description

Slim & Sassy® Softgels contain doTERRA's proprietary Slim & Sassy essential oil blend in convenient softgels to promote weight loss in a healthy, natural way. The flavorful blend of Slim & Sassy contains essential oils known to help manage hunger throughout the day while boosting metabolism and promoting a positive mood. Slim & Sassy contains Grapefruit and Lemon essential oils, both of which have a high limonene content to help purify and cleanse the body while Peppermint aids digestion and helps curb the appetite. Additionally, Ginger and Cinnamon provide a stimulating and positive effect on the endocrine system to assist with weight loss. When combined with healthy eating and exercise, Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend can help you reach your weight loss goal and maintain a healthy weight for life. Slim & Sassy Softgels are perfect for on-the-go or for those wanting an easy and convenient way to consume Slim & Sassy essential oil blend.

So basically, I'm going to see if it helps me at all with controlling how much I eat and to give me a little boost of energy instead of going to tea or soda for the caffeine. It might not work, but I've never really tried anything before and I feel like my body makeup is very different after I used steroids to help with the Myositis. I'm a little hopeful this can help with that. I'll give an update after I've taken for them a while.

Well I think that is all I have for right now. I'm waiting to make any sort of workout plans or sign up for any races until I get my back figured out. Maybe that will be soon!