Sunday, September 7, 2014

3.1 Miles

I may have skipped a week or two of my Couch to 5K today. Last week I walked 1 minute and ran 4 minutes, for 30 minutes. My runs were a little off though. I tried to squeeze one in while I was watching my niece and nephew after a trail walk, that only last about 20 minutes. The next day I did the full 30 minutes on the treadmill and other than sweating to death, it felt good to run for a longer period at a time. Then Friday I could only squeeze in 25 minutes before I had to go to dinner for my mom's birthday. And I did all of those runs in three consecutive days. I had a family reunion on Saturday and just wanted to make sure I got my runs in before that. My legs were feeling quite tired!

So I didn't run or do too much yesterday at the reunion, other than fail at playing volleyball. Today, my schedule was to walk 1 minute, run for 4, for 35 minutes. I did an out and back with my dog today. I went a little further out than I really needed to and when I was at 35 minutes I was really close to 3 miles, so I walked for my one minute and decided to just run for the next four minutes like I had been.

Obviously this was an extremely slow 5K, slower than my first official 5K even. But I did it!

This was my first time over three miles since the Biggest Loser 5K in June. This was also Mattie's longest run yet! My legs were feeling heavy, which seems to be the normal now, but I'm still hopeful that will get better with more running. I think I will keep my runs at 40 minutes for this week and then maybe keep the same routine for next week but add in an extra day.

Tuesday I go to see the rheumatologist. I'm hoping that the taper of prednisone will continue, maybe even at a faster pace. Starting today, I'm down to 30 mg, but I need to get under 10 for the side affects to lessen. I can't even tell you how much weight I've gained. The batteries quit working in my scale and I've decided to leave it that way for now. I'm still watching my food intake. I splurged yesterday at my reunion, but did well at my mom's birthday. Mentally I am not doing well with the weight gain. I just borrowed pants that are a size 16. Before all this, I was wearing 10-12's. I just hope I can get back to that. I don't think the weight is going to come off before I get off prednisone, but I can still be healthy! I'm just ready to feel like myself again. I feel uncomfortable all the time in my body. It just better be temporary.