Friday, July 4, 2014

Moon Face

One of the many fun side effects of taking prednisone is developing a 'moon' face.
Feels something like this.
This may be more accurate.
I can feel the changes in my face and see it. Other people may feel like it isn't so bad, but when I look into the mirror all I can see is all the weight I strived so hard to lose back on my face and stomach.

When the photos were posted of my race last weekend, all I could think is how puffy my face looked.

Here is a picture of the same race last summer (the 10K).

And here are a few from this past weekend:

I was dancing a little at the finish, haha.

I almost didn't post these pictures, but I figure what's the point in having a blog if I don't document the good along with the bad? No these aren't pretty, but hopefully they will be a reminder one day of where I came from! Once I can resume regular exercise I will lose this damn weight. I've been doing better at not eating sweets and eating more fruits and veggies! So that's a good start.
Sometimes I get so mad and frustrated that I can't do my normal things, like running and biking right now. I have to remind myself that it's only temporary, but the further I go from my goals, the more depressing it all is. I should be thankful that I could do the race last weekend, and I am. I just wish these damn meds would hurry the hell up!

Speaking earlier of food, a couple of friends came over last night to have 'experimental cooking' night.  We wanted to cook something that none of us had ever done before. We decided to make flatbreads aka small pizzas with different toppings.
First of all, we used all-purpose flour, instead of self-rising, so the dough didn't really raise, but it turned out pretty well.

One of our masterpieces, I know it looks like a cheesy mess, but it was tasty! It included pizza sauce, chorizo, gouda cheese, peppers, onions, artichokes, and tomatoes. MMM! I also made a dessert that I got off Facebook from which turned out well, but I forgot a picture! It was a cookie with cream cheese icing and fruit on top. Here is their picture:
 Mine didn't look like a flag though. My friend was supposed to find out the gender of her baby so I did half blueberries with blue icing and half strawberries with pink icing. It turned out pretty cute, but she didn't get to find out the gender! haha. Not sure this was exactly 'skinny' but it tasted pretty darn good!

Well I suppose I should get to some laundry before celebrating the Fourth with my family. Not looking forward to my dogs barking all night at the fireworks! Soon I'll do a post on how it's going training my dog to eventually run with me. Once we progress a little more. Have a good weekend all!