Friday, July 12, 2013

Biggest Loser 10K

*Sorry it has taken me so long to post. Technical difficulties with my computer.*
I'm back! From vacation that is. I've been gone over a week at the beach and boy it is hard to get into real like (mainly just getting up to go to work). Vacation will be a whole post of it's own, because I'm too tired to write about the whole week right now, but I did start my vacation on a positive note and ran the Biggest Loser 10K in Charleston, WV (it quickly went downhill from there, health wise, but again that's for a different post).

I arrived at the packet pick up relatively late, so I didn't get to enjoy the full expo, but I did get to see Dan and Jackie Evans from the Biggest Loser, Season 5. They were already on stage when I walked in.While I was there, they talked about how better they felt now that they were active and how simple it can all start with just walking.

Also Michael Dorsey from Season 14 was there. People were in line to take a picture with him, but I parked in a short term parking spot, so I didn't take the time to get a picture. I did say hi though! 

As far as vendors. The expo was a little sad. There was only one other store there, who sold jewelry and magnets/stickers that involved running.  I received a bag and white shirt, which looked incredibly small.

There was a 10K and a 5K. A friend of mine was doing the 5K with a friend of his. It was nice to have people to hang out with before and after the race. Both races didn't start until 9AM, so we didn't have to get up until after 7. I stupidly woke up at 6:30. Thanks bladder. I mistakenly only ate two frozen waffles. I should have eaten more or took a little granola bar since it would be two hours before I actually ran, but ya live 'n learn. The race had a good atmosphere, but there weren't really enough toilets. The race relied on the park restrooms and frankly there weren't enough and they should have had at least a couple of port-o-potties. They did have some on the course, but that didn't help before the race! We eventually went into a hotel to use their bathrooms, so did a lot of other people, but it move quickly.

My friend Brian, his friend Lauren, and I all started out together. We tried to get into the correct corral to start, but they had it so blocked off that there were too many people and we were stuck around the 15 min. mile pacers. It didn't really matter since our time didn't start out until we crossed the mat and none of us were there to win it. But it was a bit crazy to have to dodge and weave around everyone and it took about a mile in until we could finally get a steady pace. Unfortunately, they had to turn at the 1.5 mile marker and I had to keep going. My pace/effort seemed to be going okay, but looking back my pace dropped quite a bit after they left. It was so hot though and I felt tired. At the turn around, I could start feeling that I should have eaten more. I do not do well in the heat. That is for sure!

At the turn around point for the 5K'ers I got to slap the hand of Mike and Lauren Lee from the Biggest Loser. They had actually been running it and as I went past them I told them how happy we were that they were here. It was also nice to get a little support at that point. I just kept trudging along. The course follows the Kanawha River. It does not have any trees or shade except for one bridge you go under. It was freaking hot! We passed by the state capital and it looked beautiful as usual, but my goodness, I would have traded it out in a heartbeat for some trees.

Needless to say, this was not my best run ever. My time was 1 hr and 4 mins (almost 5 mins.). My knee did considerably well which I was thankful for. I didn't wear my big brace, just the strap, but it did fine. Still some twinges, but not the kind of pain I have had. They can't all be PR's and I'm a little disappointed, but it was still good to get a run in and join in on the fun and welcoming environment that the Biggest Loser provided to a variety of people.

Coolest thing were the free pictures!