Monday, July 15, 2013


I was perusing Yahoo working when I came upon this article about the Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia. This is a massive event they are having in southern West Virginia (where I'm from).
It wasn't the Jamboree that I was interested in really, but the fact that they put a physical limitation on the Scouts that were able to attend. According to the article, scouts who had a BMI higher than 40 were ineligible to attend. Okay, I get that they want to promote healthy choices and being active. Their facility is amazing, with Olympic pools, rafting, rock climbing, etc. However, my problem is, how are these kids going to realize their full potential and how being active can be fun, if they are  being ostracized?
Perhaps these kids need to be given a chance. Just because one is obese does not mean that they couldn't do the physical activities the other kids could do. It probably would be harder, but not impossible. Ugh, I just hate it that such a thing exists as being too fat to go to camp. Poor kids. I hope that some of the ones that were denied have their "ah-ha" moment and start changing their lives. This is probably the objective of the limitation, but it doesn't always work...


I've been working on my goals that I set for myself. I've made healthier choices, though I did have some tea. I've been catching up on my blogs. And I got in a long run Sunday. It was 8 miles, but I only ran probably 7 of those. My knee just hurt so badly. I talked to a girl at my group run today (2.6 miles) and she is using tape for her shin splints and various other pains. I might give it a try. Basically it's using a type of medical tape, shaping it around whatever hurts and this causes the skin to pull away from the muscle so that there's less pain. At least that's what I understood she was saying. I don't know if it will help, but I'm willing to try anything!

My knee coupled with the hot humid air made for a rather miserable run. It also didn't help that I decided to run around 2 o'clock. Yeah, not a smart decision! I guess I know why most people run before the sun really comes up.

My week of training looks like this:

Group run today
Spin tomorrow morning
Spin on Wednesday followed by a run in the evening
Thursday tempo work
Friday rest
Long run Saturday morning.

I have a family thing on Sunday so I have to get my run in on Saturday before I go into work that evening.

Back to watching Bones! I'm going to try and get some tape tomorrow and will update after I try it out a couple of times. I can't stand this 'runner's knee' any longer!