Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation and Getting Back to Basics

I've decided not to do a big long post about my vacation. But I will say a little about the lack of control I experienced and the lack of exercise I put in.

When I get around my family, we like to eat. Ice cream just about every day and junk food everywhere. I don't keep junk food in my house for a reason. I don't have the will to say no. And I didn't say no all week long! I know it could have been worse because we didn't eat out that much. We only ate out three times and one of those times I got nauseous and couldn't eat my meal. (It may or may not have been the cookie that I had before I tried to eat breakfast....). And I did break my streak of no soda, but I only had some with my alcoholic drinks. I opened a can of cherry coke zero at the beach, but ended up giving it to my sister because it just tasted gross. I guess after not having it for a while, my taste buds have changed for it.

As far as exercise. My week started out well with the Biggest Loser 10K. Then I tried out Zumba for the first time on Monday! It was fun to do with my sister, but it's not something I would do every week. I guess I like more high intensity workouts and I ended up just laughing at myself half the time. I've never really liked aerobic classes though. Rain poured most of the days we were there which put a damper on the running I had planned. When I did go running (only twice) I didn't go for very long. It was very humid and hot and excuses, excuses.

So this is the result:

Weigh-In on Friday Morning 7.12.13

I'm way over what I once was. My lowest has been 158-159. My goal is 150. I'm not sure I really care about getting exactly to 150 as long as I work on body re-composition (toning, getting stronger, tightening things up), but I definitely don't want to be mid-160's.
A few things that I've been working on:
Eating- getting back to when I was a little stricter. Staying away from sweets and cooking more. Try to count calories or at least be aware of calorie content BEFORE I eat something. Doesn't really help to know the calorie count for something after I've devoured it. I've also cut back my consumption of tea. After my morning cup I'm trying not to have any iced tea and only have it as a rare treat. I felt like it was getting out of hand. It had replaced my addiction to soda. When I make it myself it's not that many calories, but I wasn't just drinking it at home. I would order half sweet/half unsweet at restaurants all the time. Water is ultimately the better choice so that is what I'm trying to stick with.
Exercise - It hasn't been the greatest week as far as running goes. My knee is hurting badly again and it's been very humid. But I've been exercising and working on strength training. I think ramping up my core exercises and strength will really help with my toning goal.
Weigh-In - Post weigh-ins every Friday. I already weigh myself, but posting a picture on the blog every Friday for the world to see might make me a more conscious of what I'm eating!
Blog - Not only write more, but get caught up on the blogs that I read. I didn't have good reception at the beach and I got behind on all my blogs. Plus my Google reader quit working as of July 1st and of course I didn't reinstall a new one until after it quit working. (They shut the application down). As I've said many times, reading blogs and health articles really does help me stay on track.
These are basic rules. Nothing too crazy. But I think these will really help me get back to losing weight and getting stronger, mentally and physically.
Saying no to foods that are bad for us takes practice. No one is going to be perfect, but I think with time and choosing healthy options more and more often it will get easier. The most important thing is to get back on track! I didn't gain the 80 pounds back that I've lost. There's absolutely no reason to give up and go back to being the lazy person I once was. There are always choices. I'm hoping that by making small, good choices everyday that next year I won't have a gain on the scale when I go on vacation. Don't get me wrong, the food was good. I just went way over any reasonable idea of portion control.
So here's hoping that this good week turns into another one next week and so on!