Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Form of Obstacle

Life has not been going that great since my 25K, a month ago yesterday. What started out as sore arms grew to major pain and my inability to do daily activities easily such as getting dressed and washing my hair. Also, my arms started to swell.

I went to MedExpress, they said it was just muscle strain. Well, it isn't. After countless medical tests, hospital visits, talking to different doctors, I still don't know what's wrong.

More than likely it is a connective muscle tissue disease called Dermatomyositis. Basically, my body is fighting my muscles instead of helping them heal after working out. Except, the pain doesn't go away even though I haven't worked out since my race a month ago. And I get really tired really easily, which is fun (not!). I had dermatomysitis when I was little, but have never had any problems since then. And as of right now, I'm not displaying any of the normal symptoms. A muscle biopsy is being scheduled to determine if it is in fact dermatomyositis.

Top picture, my hand right now, bottom, my hand a week ago.
What does this mean for my future with running and biking?

I have no idea.

Since I don't know what it is yet, no one can tell me. I don't have the energy to start running again right now and my arm muscles hurt at the slightest use. Thankfully, the race I was supposed to run this weekend was cancelled. I already paid for my yearly 5K in Tennessee too, which is in two weeks. I'm kind of hoping I can walk it, but I'm just not sure yet.

Also, a fun note. The probable method of treatment for me. Predisone. For probably a year. Predisone usually makes people gain weight. Frick! I'm trying hard to watch what I eat for right now which will hopefully carry over to when I start the treatment.

This blog might be more about food choices for a while until I get the clear to work out again....But I have to try my best to stay healthy and not let this become an excuse that sets me back!!

I will tell you this, all of this mess has made me realize how blessed I've been to be able to run, bike, kayak, and so on. People have faced harder obstacles and I know I can't and won't let this be the end for me.