Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Gear

Okay I might have splurged a little, but I got some new bike gear today!

I bought new handle bar grips with extensions and a bike air pump.
Specialized Vita

 After I got everything put on my bike (yes I paid the bike shop $12 to put everything on for me, totally worth it), I went out on the rail trail to try them out. Loved it! I also went on a short two mile run. It was wonderful. Furthermore, I ran both miles under 10 minutes. Really great workout for sure!

I also received some new gear from my boyfriend for an early birthday present. Not sure if I mentioned that I washed and dried my old pair of I got these for my birthday!
Yurbud Ironman Earphones
 So far they have been great. They stay in place well and are comfortable. These are the first ones that I've worn that have stayed. Woot! Only thing I wish they had is a clip to hook to my shirt. My old ones had that and it really helped the wire from going all over the place. Wonder if I can buy a little clip like that? Hm. The ear plugs can be turned so that they fit directly where they are supposed to and the part that goes behind your ear can be pushed down or up.

9 miles on the schedule for tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend!