Friday, April 19, 2013

Original Goal

I've got some exciting news! I reached my original goal this week!!

When I started my weight loss journey at 240 pounds, I could not imagine weighing 160 pounds. I have never in my adult life (or even teen life) weighed so little. 80 freaking pounds GONE! Woot!

Now that I'm here I realize that I'm not done losing weight and still have lots of room for improvement. I decided a while ago that 150 would be my goal. This weight puts me at a healthy BMI. When (not IF) I reach the 150 goal, I'll re-evaluate.

I also really need to work on fitting in more strength training. I tend to half-ass it. Strength training can help with loose skin (which I have of course) and tone everything up. My goal will be to do legs and arms at least twice a week, maybe 3.

Another exciting moment in this crazy journey will happen this week hopefully. I have my first double digit run this weekend!! I'll either do it tomorrow or Sunday, depending on the weather.

Just get out there and move! Walk, run, dance, bike, stretch, anything! Make small changes over time
that you can do for the rest of your life and that you enjoy!

Around 230-240

4 Mile Temp Run Done. 160lbs.