Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ban on Diet Soda

Since I've been running more my eating has felt out of control! One part of this though, I think, is drinking too much diet soda and tea. So back to keeping strict count of my calories and....


I've give up diet soda for a brief period before, but obviously went back to it. I want to give it up for good though!

Today begins that day! Day 1. Let the headaches and caffeine detox begin. Oh boy.

I should note that I'm going to have one cup of hot tea in the mornings. I'll use just a little bit of honey and hopefully eventually nothing in that. Hot tea doesn't usually make me have the cravings diet pop does and iced tea.

I've been feeling crummy about my eating lately and know that it's holding back my weight loss. I need to get really serious about it and start telling my boyfriend no to certain foods like I used to.

I can do this!
We can do this!

Off to ride my bike outside for the first time this year! Hopefully before the rain hits, lol.