Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week of Action

This was definitely a week of action! 

Lots of family action:

     My grandmother and her beautiful sisters and brother. 

Then I had some scary action going on. I think I'll save the bloody picture, but my boyfriend's chair broke in two and he fell backwards and hit his head on a brick wall! He had two staples put in and is still having headaches on and off :( 

Some standing action:

My work allowed me to get a standing desk since I've been having so much trouble with my back. They ordered the Varidesk Pro 36 and it is amazing. It is easy to put up and down and is very sturdy. I've only gotten to use it a couple of days due to my rotation to work the front desk is up, but I think it will be so helpful! I'm so happy my company was willing to do that and now everyone in the office wants one! I hope they can get it for everyone. Sitting for 7-8 hours a day is so unhealthy for everyone.

And lots of running action:

I tried to get my nephew to join me on a kids fun run. However I thought it started at 6:30, but it started at 6. He was over it within a few feet, haha. I think it might have been more fun if we had started with the other kids. We did make it down the street to the park where he wanted nothing more than to play on the playground. I let him for a few minutes and then bargained with him that if he went back with me we could come back and play after the run was done. He was okay with that so we made it back. He did run back to the finish line since they were cheering for him with cowbells, lol. At least he got ice cream and then got to play on the playground some more! It was all free due to Active Southern WV.

I also joined Active SWV today for my longer run. Unfortunately we don't meet until 2 and it was hot! By that point it was around 85 plus humidity which is always killer here. We did a trail run and then as part of my virtual 10k I did a little more than three additional miles.

I don't know about running with the group. I like them a lot but I get so down on myself running with them since I'm so much slower and need to take walk breaks. I end up pushing too hard in the beginning and then get really tired and end up walking more than I should. I don't know what to really do about it though. I feel like I made a commitment to them and can't back out now...

But I finished the very hot 10k for the Nerd Herd Running  virtual race to help fight cancer. I knew there was no way I couldn't finish even if it was a million degrees (according to the weather man), because of my grandmother (not one pictures above). She is currently fighting very courageously from cancer in a couple of different areas in her body. She is a rock star and doing great so far though! We have to keep moving forward and we can do hard things were the mantras of the day for sure.

And this Thursday I will be having some traveling action! Beach trip with the family. I know I better be getting up early for runs there or I really might pass out from the heat!