Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Difference of Fuel

October 1st I began a nutrition program through Swim, Bike, Fuel. 

Swim Bike Fuel is all about eating whole, nutritious, as organic as possible, healthy food. The goal is to feed your body the best fuel possible to become better athletes. And to really become healthier overall.

I've changed quite a few things with this program. I'm not counting calories which is freeing. I don't have to obsess about how much food I've had today. I just focus on making the best possible choices, cutting down on sugar, and giving up artificial sweeteners. I haven't had Diet soda in a month!!

The lessons are given one day at a time so that it isn't overwhelming. Eating out is still hard, but I've been trying to choose the best choices, more veggies and less wheat and refined carbs. There is a 20% allowance for the non-great food. I've been doing okay at that, maybe went over last week, but I've been staying aware which is different. Staying conscious of what I'm putting in my body and more importantly if what I'm eating will make me sick or not is a pretty big deal. Usually I would just eat it no matter what. I have also come to realize that regular wheat bread makes my weight go up and a bit bloated.

So what I've been eating lately:

Green Smoothie - organic soy milk, banana, baby spinach, avocado, and chia seeds.
Or Chicken Sausage, part of a sweet potato that I baked, and an egg.

This week home made squash soup with grilled chicken.
Last week I had Taco Salad twice. Salad, meat and been chili, tomato and salsa. I skipped the sour cream and cheese. 

Maybe chicken, with vegetables and some quinoa.
I've still been using Blue Apron, so every other week I've been eating the meals they send. This is a good way for me to stay on track and eat fresh, whole food.

As of today, I've lost 6 pounds. That's a healthy weight loss of 2 pounds a week, so I'm okay with that. I'm still a work in progress in getting my exercise consistent. I have been working out at least 4 times a week, but I'd like to get to 5-6 days. And if I can keep my back pain in check that would help a whole lot!

I took measurements at the beginning of the program so when it is over I'll retake my measurements and look at the comparison. But I can really tell when I'm on point with the balanced eating. It really does make me feel better.  

Oh, and I also just took a big leap and signed up for a half marathon trail race that will be two days before my birthday!
The Babcock Gristmill Grinder!

The Gristmill from the Sticks and Stones race I did last year.