Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year

A New Year A New You.

That's supposed to be the motto right? Well I need that motto right now. I'm struggling and I need support like crazy. However I think I'm just gonna have to buck up and take charge. These past few weeks have just been crazy crazy and I hope that things will slow down a bit. But if they dont then I still have to be responsible for getting my workouts in and choosing healthier foods!

So even today, when I'm frankly a little hung over, I'm going running. And I'm going to make some goals for this year. I've already been thinking about them and I'm not going to choose a certain weight to work towards but have some racing goals, tracking my food goals, and new adventure goals!

I'd like to say that I've had fun letting go these past two months but the truth is I don't feel good. I have headaches again, I don't feel good about myself, and a lot of times I come home just feeling gross and sick. So really enough is enough. The holidays are over and im ready to make this town fit into my lifestyle, not change my self to fit into this town's lifestyle!

So here's to one step at a time. Today's goals: go for a run and eat a healthy dinner.

Have a happy and healthy new year everyone!