Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ace Wonderland Mountain Challenge

*not sure why my last post didn't post on the day I wrote it. Now you get two in one day!*

I've been to the physical therapist only once so far, but with some steroids that reduced the inflammation and stretching I'm already feeling better. Starting tomorrow we are going to work on getting my core, flutes, and lower back stronger. I'll write more as I progress. 

My Memorial Day weekend was amazing! 
First I learned that my sister got the job where I work which will be amazing for her! No more weekends for her! Of course we had to celebrate. I didn't take a picture of my food, so the pitcher of hard cider (that I shared), the chips, and the amazing hamburger that I had don't count. Right? 

Saturday was fantastic. It started off with my longest run yet. The Ace Wonderland Mountain Challenge, a 10K trail run. I wasn't in shape enough and was told to go easy on the uphills (like I had a choice) so my time was very slow at 1 hour and 40 minutes. BUT I went out there and went for it and it was fun! 

I have a lot of work ahead of me, but right now I'm thankful I can get out there at all and that I can even walk! The run was followed by a burrito buffet which you see above. They have another run in August which I'm thinking about doing. Everything was really well marked and even though there was only one water stop I had my Camel Back on so it wasn't an issue.

Saturday night one of my best friends got married. They were going for a very unconventional wedding and they succeeded! I had a great time though with my closest friends.

Sunday and Monday consisted of family and outdoor time. My family had been camping so I hung out with them on Sunday. I got a bit of bike riding and more hiking in.
My mom and nephew. He was over the walk at this point. I had to keep distracting him.

And Monday I was mostly lazy but did take Mattie on a two and a half hour hike.

It was a really pretty day, turns out my phone was on sepia or something. Hence the weird colors. It was truly a great weekend. My back is a bit sore but nothing terrible. Yay!