Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Down and Out

I'm down and out today with sciatica so I thought it would be a good day to catch up! 

I've been working on running more consistently and getting in walks or bike rides on the off days. I'm currently using Jeff Galloway's 10k training plan.
(This is coming from my phone and I can't do hyperlinks)
Anyway, I'm doing a run 3 minutes walk 1 minute method. It's going pretty well. I will be starting week three this week so we will see how the longer times go.

The weather has been hit or miss lately but I've been getting out no matter the weather. I can't stand the thought of a treadmill right now! 

Mattie and I running at night. I fashioned a head light for her! 
New River in WV

Hiking the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. Though I have to say I was disappointed that nothing was in bloom yet at the higher elevations.
My birthday present. A new bike helmet so I can try out more road biking. 

I've only had a chance to try the helmet out once. I was so nervous to go on the roads by myself for the first time. I made it though and had a good time! I could definitely tell my legs weren't used to biking hills.
The weather should be turning for the better so I should be able to get a lot of biking in soon! 

Unfortunately my weight is still in the 180's which is down a bit from the highest after being on prednisone. But as I'm becoming more consistent and the more I'm getting outside my weight is slowly creeping down. My sister is getting married in June so I hope to be down a few more pounds by then.
Celebrating her bachlorette party at the Biltmore in North Carolina. A truly gorgeous place.

Well that's all I have for now. I've got some races coming up so im sure I'll be posting more soon!