Monday, October 28, 2013

Moving News

No I didn't forget to post this time. I've been without internet at home! And I don't like it! (First world problem, for sure).

Weight: Still the same. 163. Is this my new normal? Should I just live with this weight and concentrate on strengthening my running and cycling? I'm beginning to think so. I want to keep my weight in check and eat healthy, but right now I'm so sick of trying to lose weight. On the other hand, it will be easier to complete the above sports, the lighter I am. I don't know! I guess I'll figure it out one day or just keep trying.

Speaking of running, I did spontaneously sign up for the Marshall (University) Half Marathon! In two weeks!
It was either this or a cupcake 5K run in which you eat six mini cupcakes, run a mile and a half, eat six more, run to the finish line, Then eat as many as you can to take seconds or minutes off of your time per cupcake you eat! Yeah that just sounds like a tummy ache! Or maybe more than just an ache...haha

I'm not ready for the whole Marathon yet, but I thought the Half would give me something to look forward to. Marshall is not my alma-mater. In fact it is the state's rival with my alma-mater West Virginia University. But my sister lives there and I do owe Marshall something, since five generations of my family have attended this university!

One of the parts I'm really looking forward to is Bart Yasso, running legend, will be speaking the day before the race! He will also lead a short run. I hardly ever get to see famous people and since I started this healthy journey and now know who Bart Yasso is, I'm extra excited!

I feel a little guilty for spending the money on this though. This Thursday will be my last day at my current job. I've been so stressed out! My boyfriend and I are moving back to our hometown to be closer to family and because he took a better job. But this leaves me having to find a new job, which hasn't been easy, and feeling lost.

Where we live now, there are so many trails to run and bike. I've grown used to living here and like it very much. The town we are moving to, I'm not sure how everything will turn out. I didn't particularly like living there as a teen, but what kid likes their hometown? So yes, I signed up for a race to take my mind off of everything. Its bound to be better than having a breakdown! haha

Alright, I should probably get back to work, but I will try to post something this weekend. I'll be working on moving, packing, and unloading (hopefully in our new home), so I'm not sure how exciting my life is going to be for the next couple of weeks (any different then usual? No.).
Carter Caves, KY

P.S. Yay for Fall, by the way. Thankfully we had gorgeous weather this weekend to celebrate my older sister's birthday (in Kentucky) and then for my long run, 10 miles, on Sunday! I'm not so sure about this whole running thing in cold weather!