Friday, October 4, 2013

WI #11 (I Think)

My weight is still up 164.4 today. That hurts to write. I don't know if I ate too much, exercised too little. I don't know. I've been down in the dumps about it and was almost to the point of giving up trying to lose weight and just maintain my weight. BUT, honestly I feel better when I'm trying to lose weight because I do eat better and get out more, so I won't give up!!

Instead I made a training plan for myself. And of course I forgot to email the plan to myself so I don't have an electronic copy right now to post, but it lasts until almost the very end of December. I gave myself two rest days a week. It involves cycling and running with gradual increase in distances/time. I didn't make it too crazy, but I think it'll really help me stick to exercising which generally leads to better eating for me.

I only got in three runs this week. A 4 miler, 5 miles, and 8 today. I also have planned an hour and a half on the bike tomorrow before me and my beau head to Pittsburgh to see the Penguins play hockey. Oh and ummm, maybe, perhaps, go to the Cheesecake Factory. His friend wants to go there and I've never been! So of course today I got online and looked up the menu. Unfortunately they don't list the nutritional value for their food, but they did have a 'skinny' menu. I'll probably try to order something obviously healthy and then I'm going to try to get someone to share a piece of cake with me, cause come on! I can't go there and not even try one!! ; )

I also might get back on track in a week or so with the low carb. I did pretty well until I went to my hometown for a week and my weight hasn't been down since! But I just bought some English Muffins and I'm not willing to waste the money throwing them out because I want to cut out some carbs! haha

And to leave with you another funny video that made me chuckle this week:

Watch out for those bike lanes!