Friday, September 27, 2013

Random/ Funny Friday

So yeah I don't even want to discuss my weight this week. It's up. Let's just leave it at that and hope next week it's down.

I thought that this photo that Swim Bike Mom posted was a great way to tell the difference between a road bike and a triathlon bike. Really you can use either for triathlons, but triathlon bikes are more aero dynamic and built for speed. Road bikes are better when climbing hills.

Want to laugh? Check out some of these videos! They have all made me smile this week.


And Non Triathlete Related:

 Pretty much love Jimmy Fallon. 

I plan on doing a bike ride tomorrow and I was hoping to try these out...
Look Keo Easy Clipless Pedals!

Sidi T1 Clipless Bike Shoes
But unfortunately I can't get my old pedals off to put the new ones on! They are being stubborn! I'll have to wait until my boyfriend can do it, or just con someone at work to do it for me tomorrow!

Hopefully I won't fall when I do get them on though!

I'll have to do something this weekend after work to enjoy this beautiful weather we've been having!!