Friday, September 6, 2013

WI #8, The Scale, And Holding Back

 This shows that I'm up .2 pounds from last week at 160.6. What you don't see is that the first time I got on it showed 161. Then after I got my phone to take a picture and got back on, it showed 161.4. I got back on without my phone...161.4. I was getting mad. So I moved the scale to a different spot. 160.6. By then I realized that maybe my scale is a little messed up. I took the picture after I moved the scale several times and just got over it.

I'm not sure why my weight is up any amount. It might be the after affect of my long bike ride yesterday (2 hours) or a kind of salty snack of peanuts that I had kind of late yesterday evening. I'm not sweating it. My weight has been up and down all week. I have a feeling that tomorrow it will be back down. I was tempted to wait until tomorrow to post to see what the scale said, but I knew I had to stay true to myself and show what was going on. I may try to see if my scale needs re-calibrated or something, I don't know.

Anyway a few weeks ago I was watching an episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition and there was a participant named Cassandra who had a fear of going white water rafting due to the fact that if she fell out, they may not be able to pull her back into the raft due to her weight. Cassandra got passed her fear and did it! But I know exactly what she meant! In fact, it happened to me! One summer I went rafting, except I was in my own inflatable canoe type of raft.

Kind of like this one, except for one person. Anyway, we were going down the New River and I fell out going down some rapids. No biggie, I've done it before, but then I had to get back in my kayak/canoe by myself. There was no way that was happening! So one of the guides came over to help. Well he couldn't lift me up either. So TWO guys had to lift me up and help me scramble on it. I was mortified that I weighed so much and didn't have the strength to do lift myself up. Just another fat girl story! haha

Despite stories like the white water incident, I tried to never let my weight hold me back.

I traveled:
2007 Serbia

2010 Wales  
Met New Friends, England

 Done silly things:
This may or may not be at a Renaissance Fair...
And Fallen in Love, among other things!

But there are some things that I don't/haven't done. Like being too afraid to sleep in the top bunk because I'm afraid I would crush the bottom person! To take a dance class, really regret that. Afraid I wasn't strong enough to go rock climbing. Embarrassed that I'm not fast enough to join in the biking group or swimming group, even now!

How silly it all seems though! No person should be restricted by their fears, no matter what they are! I was afraid to have people see me run, but I did it anyway to get to my goal of running in a race. I've overcome other fears too, such as wearing a dress, fear of major chub rub! And starting this blog sharing my weight, embarrassing stories and secrets!

No matter what size you are, a life lived in fear is no life at all! So try to break through some fear every once in a while. Your life will be fuller for it!

Alright gotta go. Hope everyone experiences something adventurous this weekend! :)