Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Week of "Vacation"

I had to take my vacation for work before a certain time, so I chose this week at random to take it. With absolutely no plans, I decided to head to my hometown for the week.

Due to me being here and my mother not owning a scale, there probably won't be a weigh in this week or I'll try to post something on Saturday. But here is my week in a nutshell. Note, it does not involve much exercise! :s Also combining my boyfriend's birthday this week, does not add up to excellent eating either. Just what I need the week leading to a race! Uuugh, haha.

Not the actual cupcakes I got my boyfriend, he got a variety. Still haven't had one of these though! Instant Karma Cupcakes.   

A bad day equals a venti chai latte at Starbucks

'Vacation' also includes a meeting for work. Yay taxes! haha

Good thing about my week: lots of family time! Painting pumpkins! At The Pottery Place

Photo session as my mom figures out the camera on my phone. Oh goodness!
 It's been very rainy here, which has putting a bit of a damper on my week and my mood. I haven't even felt like running or biking! And needless to say that my stomach has been upset by the different foods, tmi? haha.

But family and friend time is awesome and it's been nice just to sit back and relax. My ankle is also liking the rest, so perhaps on my race on Sunday I won't have any stiffness or pain! That would be great!