Monday, September 2, 2013

I Resisted

Holy Moly Batman! I actually kept with my plan this weekend!

I didn't indulge in this:


I didn't eat this:
Or this:

And these:

I even lost weight this weekend! (Okay only .2 pounds, but it's still a loss!!!) I did drink my weight in sweet tea this weekend, but what can I say? I can't give up my sweet tea just yet.

No my family and friends aren't sugar addicts. The reason for all the treats were due to a couple of birthdays. Two friends of mine have birthdays this week and my mom's birthday is Wednesday.

I think writing out my goal to show willpower and making small choices that lead to better things really paid off. I kept reminding myself of it all weekend.

The interesting thing is that I realized it's not ALL of my fault that when I go home I overeat. Not only are there temptations just laying around in plain view and for easy grabbing at my parent's home, but people can be pushy when it comes to food! My friends and family kept trying me to eat these desserts, but I remained firm. I stated that I wanted to lose more weight and to do that I couldn't gain five pounds every time I return home. I also planned like I said I would. I took water and either a granola bar or some 'trail mix' that I put together. I put trail mix in quotes since it was really just peanuts and dried cranberries and some raisins. But that mix of salty and sweet absolutely did the trick. I went to three movies this weekend and didn't get popcorn, even though I really really wanted it!! I saw The Big Lebowski at a new movie theater/playhouse that has an old feel, Planes at a Drive-In movie theater, and The World's End. all were great! haha.

I managed to get in one run on Saturday. I met a friend and we did five miles in 58 minutes together. It was so nice to have someone to keep me company and to talk to during the run. It made it go by much faster! I didn't run yesterday though. It was rainy and honestly I was really tired. So I'll either run or bike ride today after work. Yes I have to work on Labor Day!