Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Eating Everything In Sight

Damn you Prednisone. These steroids are making me crazy. I literally look like I'm going through puberty. My face is all broken out, I sweat more, my face is puffy, and I'm eating EVERYTHING I can get my hands on. Attractive, I know.

BUT I am mending. I'm still not whole, but I'm able to get my housework done and walk a bit. I've tried running/walking, but I get so sore the next day. My legs tend to feel like lead too when I run, but I'm going to keep trying it one to two days a week just to see how I progress and to hopefully build a little muscle back.

I've talked with the rheumatologist more about my polymyositis, she recommends not pushing myself right now. The problem is I can cause some serious muscle damage to my body if I push too hard. Right now I don't have any muscle damage that I can't recover from and I have a good chance of gaining all of my strength back (thanks to being young and in shape!).

I do have a small event this Saturday that I'm going to be volunteering with and walking a 5K. I did the same event last year, the Fast and Furriest 5K, but I didn't participate. My sister works for Starbucks and as part of their community outreach program, they are donating coffee and iced tea. She also got a small group together to participate in the 5K, so I told her I would do it with her! I just hope I can do it! I've walked 2+ miles so far, so I think I'll be okay.

Then on the 28th, I'll be participating in the Charleston, WV Biggest Loser Run. I thought about dropping out all together, but I want to see what I can do. I'll obviously not put any pressure on myself and if I'm hurting I'll stop, but I really want to try!

Hopefully those will give me something to talk about other than how much I eat in a day and how I feel like I'm 13 again!