Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fast and Furriest 5K/ 1Mile Walk

Hello there little Blog!

Things have been busy! I'll skip all the little details and get right to the fun stuff!

Last weekend I participated in the Fast and Furriest 5K/ 1 Mile Walk. It's an event to support the local Humane Society. As I mentioned before, my sister is involved with doing community work through Starbucks, so she offered to give out free coffee and tea. We also volunteered to walk shelter dogs!

I however, had the grand plan of walking my own dog to the soccer fields, where the event was held, walk the one mile and either walk back or get a ride back. The soccer fields are about a mile and a half from my home, so I didn't think it would be a problem. What I didn't count on is the fact that my little dog (the one that is friendly with other people and dogs) is out of shape and a bit pudgy now!
This is Sherlock, about a mile in.
About a mile or less into the walk, Sherlock was ready to go home! He stopped a couple of times and tried to turn around even! In the picture above, I was heading the opposite direction! But we finally got to the soccer fields and my pup was happy to be around other dogs and people. Haha.

This is a super small race, with all of the timing done by hand(!), so I quickly got registered for the 1 mile walk, got my shirt, and the volunteers handed out dogs to be walked.
My niece got the sweetest dog, Babe. She was timid around other dogs, but really friendly with people and listened well.
My sister on the other hand got the exact opposite. She received a very enthusiastic pitt bull, named Pebbles.
Here they are trying to wrangle him.
Pebbles was really fun, but a lot to handle! Thankfully we had a couple of extra people with us, so they all took turns being walked By Pebbles!

Headed to the start line.

Strutting our stuff on the mile walk.

This little guy didn't quite make it the whole mile. He got plumb tuckered out ;)

Starbucks Crew making people happy with caffeine!
It was a really good time. The only problem is, people had to wait around a long time to get the results from the 5K for awards and such. If the race continues to grow (this is only the second year of having it), they will have to figure out a different method for timing.

And by the end, Sherlock was done. My sister gave us a ride back to my house. Haha.

Afterwards, we got a bite to eat and we took my niece and nephew to see How to Train Your Dragon II. It was very cute! But I must have over done it a bit, because after that I took a good two hour nap! It was probably all the pulling I had to do to get Sherlock to walk with me!

Speaking of which, I have a bigger dog, half German Shepherd, half Lab maybe, that I've been trying to take on more walks. I'm going to try to get her to be my running dog. Since I'm starting over and just have to walk right now, it's a good time to start her out slowly. Hopefully she will do well. She doesn't do well with lots of other dogs and people, but I think she will be okay with just us. As long as we keep moving that is...

I'll update more about how I'm doing in my next post, which will include my first run/walk race since March when all of my muscle issues started!