Sunday, June 9, 2013


Saturday I had to drive two hours, each way, for a work related archaeology symposium. It was a good time. The host was the Moundsville Archaeology Complex. A really neat place that would be awesome to work at! Want to know why it's called Moundsville? Probably not, but here's why:
Ancient Native American burial mound

After the symposium, I was ready for a bike ride! Someone had told me that there was a trail access point right by my house that I never knew existed! So I went out to explore. After walking my bike down a steep gravel path, I found the trail and realized I knew exactly where I was. It was part of the trail that I run and ride on all the time! I just usually drive to a different access point. Very excited to know that I don't have to drive to it if I don't want to.

This is barely over a mile from my home. Craziness!

I took my boyfriend along the trail today. We walked along and saw four turtles! I love turtles! One was on the ground and my bf held it up and petted it! Of course, neither one of us had our cameras or phones. The others were under the bridge in the above picture swimming in the river.

I really want to go on a group run tomorrow that's hosted by a running shop and the multi-sport club I joined, but I'm just not sure if my knee is ready yet. The bike ride, 12 miles, had my knee kind of hurting afterwards. Mainly due to the hills I believe. Then the walk had it hurting as well. I just don't know what to do. I have a race at the end of the month, a 10K, so I want to keep in running shape, but I want my knee to heal and to stop hurting. 

I'm still undecided, but I'll either go swimming tomorrow or suck it up buttercup and go on the run. I'm not sure how long they go, but I'll report back if I join them.

Anyone else eating lots and lots of watermelon?! I just can't get enough! I've cut back a bit on my calories. I've implemented the no eating after 7 rule. I may have had an apple at 7:30 yesterday, but I did eat my dinner at 3:30, lol. I've been feeling better since I've been getting out more and more active. Hope this helps get the scale moving!