Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

Hope everyone has been having a good week. It's been a little too long since I've posted. Time just seems to get away from me.

The weekend was spent with my family in my hometown in southern West Virginia. Friday we went to a park where my sister watched my niece and nephew on the playground while my mother and I walked around a loop of rhododendrons. Then we took a little trail near an overlook that has a great view of our mountains.

Pictures of my niece and nephew that my sister took.

Saturday we went to Tennessee for a wedding. Where the above niece and nephew caused a divider to fall...right into the wedding cake! Yup, it really happened. The bride was so nice about it. They already had pictures of it, but we felt horrible. The wedding was really pretty, but it was a long day since we just drove up and back. Then on Sunday we celebrated Fathers Day with my dad. We had steak, red potatoes that my oldest sister prepared, and corn. And yes, I had lots of cake this weekend. Two different kinds on Sunday! Shew, sugar rush!

Anyway, after not so great eating (which is how it always goes when I get around my family, I just can't seem to control myself as well), I was ready for healthy eating this week. Monday I made sure I had lunch fixed and I went to the group run. I could have easily went through a drive thru on the way home since it was getting late, but I resisted. Instead I came home and made an amazing omelet with onions and peppers. I used fresh eggs that I got from work. It was yum!

And today I went to a morning spin class and swam a little in the evening. Sometimes it's so hard not judge yourself against others. My mom mentioned comparing her walking speed to her friends and how it made her feel discouraged. I felt the same way swimming today. There were two other swimmers at the pool. They were much faster and much better swimmers. I felt like a blimp who kept floundering. But we have to remember that we don't all come from the same place. It doesn't matter how slow or if we are doing the proper thing. 

Have the courage to start, keep going and finish. No matter what the situation, we cannot let other people deter us. Sometimes our minds can get in the way. That's when you just do.

So I'll just get up tomorrow way too freaking early go to spin class and then for a run after work. I'll think about how tired I am or how hot it is, but I'll do it anyway. That's what we all have to do. Just go.

On a side note: Last week I went to the movie theaters to see "Spirit of the Marathon II" for a one night showing. I've never run a marathon, obviously, but it was still very inspiring and a great movie. The first one is on Netflix. Check out runners of all backgrounds striving for something beyond what they think they can do.