Sunday, May 26, 2013

Banana Car

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! Hope you're keeping someone special in your heart this weekend.

So yesterday I did my long run....It went....okay. I mentally felt good, but my knees didn't do so well. I must have been overcompensating for the knee that I hurt in my bike fall, because my left knee started hurting horribly too! By mile 7, I just couldn't take the pain anymore. By mile 8 I decided to just quickly walk the rest of the way. I run on a out and back course so I didn't really have much choice to finish my 11 miles. I was proud that I did it and the first half felt alright. So I'm praying, hoping, that with more rest I will be pain free and able to run my half marathon THIS upcoming weekend!

I couldn't have asked for better weather yesterday. I wore a new Old Navy jacket that I got for around $6! and my capris and I was comfortable the whole way. I couldn't find my water bottle which would have been hard to carry anyway since my wrist still hurts from the whole bike incident. But it was cool enough that not having water wasn't a big deal. I did take some Cliff Shot Blocks (Raspberry, I believe). They seemed to work alright, but I got really hungry towards the end, but that could be because it took longer than it should have. The whole run/walk took me about two hours and twenty minutes. I think that is the time some people run whole marathons in!

I decided that Sunday and Monday would definitely be rest days. Buuut, I woke up to a beautiful day and I had no plans. Therefore, I decided to look for a trail that is about twenty minutes South of my house that I had never been to. I found the trail, I think, but I couldn't find a place to park! There were online directions, but it just stopped at what exit to get off, not where to go from there. I didn't feel comfortable leaving my car by the street where I saw a part of the path (I didn't see the other side, so I'm not even sure that was it!). I turned around and went to Starbucks instead, lol. I then thought of a park in my town that I had never been to that supposedly has a trail. Yeah couldn't find the park. Have these people never heard of putting up signs!?! I didn't look for the park too hard though because I was just getting frustrated. I went to my usual spot after all that driving around. I had thought about going North to some trails that I don't ride that often, but then I would have been driving for over an hour and that didn't sound appealing.

Waterfall along the Rail Trail

I was going to take a picture of some cute goslings, but the Mother geese were yelling at me so I went on. On my way back, they actually ran towards me and I have to ride in the grass because they got so close! I may have screamed a little. 12 mile ride under the lovely blue sky.

So now I'm home, just iced my knees which I may do again tonight. Tomorrow I have to work all day again, so I'll definitely get a rest day in. Tuesday I'll probably take another rest day. Maybe test the waters with just a small run on Wednesday, but we'll see.

Got an email about my Half for packet pickup and when my bus leaves to take me to the starting point. Eeeep. Nervous! This is not only my first half, but my first point to point (versus an out and back course). I'm excited to see how it feels. Also glad to learn there will be a porta potty at mile 7, just in case, lol.

And in case anyone needs a laugh, I leave you with this:
Actual car I spotted going down the interstate.