Friday, May 10, 2013

Not Every Week is Great

Life is not all sunshine and butterflies. You know this and I know this. This week and last week have not been great as far as eating goes and today I had a craptastic run.

It really started with some stress from work last Thursday. Instead of going on the run that I knew would make me feel better, my body felt tired from the stress, so I came home and ate the rest of the bag of honey Kernel things that I had. Then, then! we ordered pizza. I ate three slices instead of stopping at two. After that I was supposed to clean house in preparation for my dad coming, nope that didn't happen. I took a three hour nap! Who does that!?! When I woke up (very confused at what day it was) I got a little bit of cleaning done and then went back to bed.

I realize that sometimes your body needs a break and that you have to deal with emotions in some manner. I don't mind that I took a glorious nap, but I do mind that I ate uncontrollably and when I was alone. It felt like I was 240 pounds all over again, hiding my eating from my boyfriend, and then over eating at dinner when he gets home. Frustrated to say the least, but it's all about learning. Next time I'll go straight for the nap ;) or at least take a walk when I don't feel like running or biking.

Of course I ate more junk food then planned over the weekend while I was in Tennessee. Even though I worked out all week, you really can't out work a bad diet. My weight is up this week at 161.2. I know it will eventually head back down, but I tend to do this over and over and that's why my weight loss has been rather slow. Sometimes I just get frustrated with myself and need to vent!

As far as workouts go for the week: I had my 5K on Sunday, did a 1 mile run and 20 minutes on a stationary bike at the hotel gym on Monday, did 8 miles on Tuesday, worked on cleaning our backyard up on Wednesday, 2 miles and 25 minutes on the stationary bike on Thursday, which brings me to my craptastic 10 mile run today. 

Oi Vay, I just could not get my head in this run. I started out already not feeling it and it just kept getting worse. Around mile 3 my stomach started hurting majorly and the bathroom isn't until mile 5. I seriously considered using the bushes, but it creeps me out so I just held on as best as I could. I had to walk a little so that my stomach would settle back down. I made it though. But after the pit stop I just had to energy left. I even ate some new fruit gummies (which I can't remember the brand right now and threw away the package), but they didn't give me any extra energy. My legs felt incredibly heavy and I just didn't have it in me. I didn't quit though. Best things about out and back courses, you have to finish to leave! I did have to walk a lot though and ended with an 11:30 pace. I'm surprised its not worse due to the amount of walking I did.
Well over ten minutes slower than my last 10 miler, but at least I experienced a difficult run and know I can finish it in case this happens at my half marathon. I suppose you could say I hit 'the wall' that runners always talk about. Blah I hope I don't experience it on my next one.

A couple of things could have caused this bad run. Not drinking enough water, the day before or the morning of. I didn't take a rest day the day before and maybe my body was tired. Maybe I should have slept a little longer so that I would have felt more rested. And my water bottle apparently wasn't closed all the way so kept spilling water all over myself and ran out of water more quickly.

Oh well though! It's over and I finished it! For every good run there are three bad ones and I had a pretty good run on Tuesday, so I guess this is just par for the course.

Hope you have a healthy weekend! Maybe 4-wheeling tomorrow with Richard and his family (I'm not that into it, but its quality time together) and then work Sunday.