Friday, May 17, 2013


After a nice little job today with my biggest dog Mattie, I decided to go for a bike ride. I have a seat cover and it was a little crooked so I decided to try to adjust it while I was riding. Well you can guess how that turned out! Yeah I fell...
Thankfully I didn't get seriously hurt and no one saw me, I don't think. My knee does hurt though and has a big bump. My hands got a little scraped too, but they don't hurt.
Okay it might not look like much, but my knee doesn't feel good and better not hurt tomorrow! Only two more long runs before my half!

Speaking of running...this was only the second time I worked out this week :s I've only run a little over two miles this week!!! I have plans to run in the morning before my family gets here for my cousin's graduation, but we'll see. Things have just been crazy and I don't know what happened. No excuses, just truth! And that truth is that my weight is up to 163, that's a four pound gain since two weeks ago. It'll get better, but I've GOT to work on my eating! UUGGH. I usually do well, until it comes to dinner. 

It's okay. I got this. I know I'll eat out tomorrow with my family, but next week I have no reason that I need to eat out and over indulge. I also need to remember that my body needs to be in good running condition. Have to start whipping myself into shape! 

And just for fun and to make you smile!
This is Buffy and she came to visit me at work today! :)