Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Another lesson learned yesterday.

I know that I am a slow runner and I am okay with this. The fact that I run at all is brilliant for me. Yesterday though, I had trouble of keeping the feeling of failure at bay. I joined up with the group run that happens every Monday after I had already run a few miles so that I could get in my last longish run before the Erie Half Marathon. There were four people that were running about the pace that I needed to go. A little fast for me, but they were keeping it easy so I figured I could stay with them. WRONG. I felt like such a loser when I had to take a minute to walk, because I couldn't run at their pace anymore. They were averaging around a 9:30-10:00 min. mile. It was a simple jog for these people who were obviously much fitter than I. I became so discouraged that after all the time I spend running and cycling, that I still have so far to go. It also doesn't help that I haven't been training as hard lately so that I don't re-injure myself before my race.

But then I have to remember, a couple of years ago, I would never have stepped foot in the running shop or gone anywhere near a running group. Sometimes you have to cut yourself some slack! Yes I still walk on some of my runs and that's okay for me. I'm not a super skinny athlete that has been training for years and years. I will get better, I already have. And I will not be the only one taking a walk break during the Half. I can guarantee that! (Though my goal is to only take walk breaks at the water stops.)

I may never be like the speedy people at the running group. That is not the point of my journey. My direction is to try new things, work at them, explore, and create experiences. I get the opportunity to run along an island this weekend! That is something special and that is what I need to remember when those discouraging feelings come up. I may not be quick or look good doing it, but I will finish and I will enjoy the journey.

I feel better already.

On a side note: Looks like great weather for this weekend. A little cloudy, but no rain and a high of 80 degrees. Since the race begins at 7am, it should be nice and cool! I'm getting very excited and a little nervous. I always get nervous though. You just never know what will happen on race day! I'll try to get lots of pictures though!

Have a good week!