Friday, August 2, 2013

WI #3 and 8 Week Challenge

First things first:
My pedicure turned my big toe nail white?!?

Up 0.2 pounds this week. Not a huge difference, but not a loss either. I'm just struggling so hard to get my act together. I just want to snack all evening long!

I've never been very good at sticking with challenges, but I'm determined to turn my eating around. So I've joined an 8 Week Challenge from Swim Bike Mom.

This will go through the end of September. Mainly my goals are to get my 5-6 workouts in, to cut out extra sugar and junk food (no pizza for 8 weeks!), and to try to up my veggie intake.
One exception is the fuel that I use while I'm running. The chews, Cliff Shot Blocks, contain a lot of sugar, but I use another one that is mostly fruit. A mixture of both of them seem to work best and it's too close to my race to change it now. Just 15 more days until Half Marathon #2 in Erie, PA!

I honestly don't think this will be very hard, if I just keep myself busy during the evenings. I get tempted by food that is in my house for my dad and if I'm just sitting around, it will call to me all night. Most of the time I resist, but I did eat a piece of cake and some M&M's this week. Many of the people in the challenge are doing a Paleo based challenge, but I like my yogurt. So mine will focus on limiting my carbs (from refined sources such as bread) and no sweets or things considered junk food (i.e. chips, fries, pizza, chocolate, etc.). I do have some mini Hershey bar things. If I keep to the challenge I'll allow myself one of those a week. I think this will help keep me from going insane. But for the first couple of weeks I won't even have those so that I can kind of detox my system.

I'll make sure to update every week when I update my weight. Ready to get this done!!

I had a great speed session last night at the gym. My first speed session in a while. Tonight is a rest night, mainly since I have to work. But I like to rest the day before my long run. 11 miles tomorrow. My 10 miler went well last week, if a little slowly, so I have high hopes for tomorrow's. As long as I can get out there before the rain hits. The KT Tape has been working wonders for my knee. I've got some wrapped around my ankle right now, because it's been feeling tight.

I'll try to remember to get a good picture of my leg wrapped up for next week. Please join the 8 Week Challenge if you're struggling too! Just use the link above. Have a good weekend all!