Saturday, August 10, 2013

Weigh-in #4

Lost one pound this week! Yay!

Looks like my 8 Week Challenge is paying off! ...That is until today. :/

This happened for dinner:

This was first...I ate three before this. Then I ate these.

Korean Kimchi in a Hot Pot with a side of steamed rice.
So many carbs! But it tasted really good. Not even going to lie. Do I feel guilty? Yes. Should I? Probably not. But I've never had a really healthy relationship with food. I usually feel guilty after eating something that I consider 'bad' in my head. I ate quite a bit, but to tell the truth, I wasn't completely full. And no, I did not eat all the Kimchi and went light on the rice. On the other hand, I did pass up dessert! Proud of myself for that! Tomorrow is another day and I'm trying my best to just let it go and enjoy the good evening that I had out. (p.s. I'm not sure, but is this actual kimchi? I feel like it should be different. It's not what I remember kimchi being?)

I may never be able to think of food like a sane person. To be truly healthy is not to think of food as good or bad, but as everyday, occasionally, and seldom. These are more healthy standards I think. Perhaps one day I'll be able to eat something filled with sugar and not immediately feel regret or feel that I need to workout soon afterwards. It's just not right. Truly the mental aspect of food, losing weight, and living a healthy balance is hard. I can only hope that I can teach any future kids that I may have that any food is not good or bad, but perhaps not something we should eat every day of the week. The truly sad thing is, that in the past, I would have thought this meal completely healthy. Compared to what I used to eat, it was! And that is a point for good.

Anyway. Tomorrow is another day. Still trucking on with the 8 week challenge of not eating complete crap (not that my dinner was crap, on the contrary it was very yummy, just a tad bit too much rice for right now).
Wanna see something scary?

This is me after my 11 mile 6 mile run last weekend. You can't really tell, but my shirt is completely soaked. Yes, I wore a white shirt when it was cloudy outside. Doh! Thankfully, everyone else was smarter than I and stayed inside. 3 miles out and buckets started coming down. I decided to turn around instead of trying to complete the whole 11 miles. Rain was stinging my eyes and my socks got all wet. Not the most fun of runs, for sure.

On a good note, I ran yesterday for an hour with minimum ankle pain. It was stiff this morning, so I took another rest day and hope to get a small run in on Sunday and take my last longish run on Monday before my race on Saturday. I'm thinking 7 or 8 miles for Monday. Then taper time!