Sunday, March 24, 2013

Conquering the Rock

Hello there. I know, I know. I look horribly strange and a little creepy. BUT, you do what you gotta do to keep warm right before you run a 10K in the mountains. Where it's windy and cold and snow is on the way... (No one came with me so no pictures of me running, sorry).

So I'm afraid this wasn't the PR I was hoping for, but holy mother of all that is good, this was a hilly run. Cooper's Rock was definitely the hardest course I've done so far. And I ended up with the exact same time as my last 10K last year. Considering how hard this course was, I'm definitely okay with my 1:02 finish (10.07 pace). I think that's pretty darn good for me! I was excited to see on my Motoactv watch that I had a PR for a 5K, so hopefully in May I can get that!

I ended up wearing two tech shirts, one long, one short sleeved with that jacket over them. For pants all I have are compression capris. I Definitely need to get slightly warmer pants if I do more races in colder weather. I was fine while running actually, but beforehand and waiting after I was freeeezing.

And of course I went to change my shirt (sweat + cold wind = frozen!), but when I got back they had already given away some door prizes and were on the last one. Guess I missed out if they called my name :(

It was a small race for sure and my guess is that some people didn't show up because it was supposed to rain and/or snow. Here is what was stayed around for the awards ceremony.  It started to snow during the awards ceremony. I cannot express how happy I am that it didn't do either during the run.

As you can see everything was still barren, but it was still a pretty course and it has a great overlook that's gorgeous during the summer.

A challenging race that I'd probably do again. I was definitely happy that I have some thigh muscles to make it up those hills! One lady who finished right behind me said that she had been trying to catch up to me but couldn't! That definitely made me happy!

p.s. They gave painted rocks away as the awards, lol!

Have a great day!