Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Newbie

I should have done this a long time ago. When I first started to get healthy, lose weight, and try to live everyday life a little fuller.

This blog, hopefully, will track the rest of my journey as I lose the last 15 pounds, run a half-marathon (in August!), and explore new ways to see the world.

Here is my story:

My name is Alisha, 26, West Virginian. I've been overweight since I was two. I got sick, took meds that made me balloon up and never came back down. Almost two years ago now I decided to start a course of action to stop hurting. My hips hurt, my back was excruciating, I had gall bladder surgery (I was only around 20 at the time), and was looking at a road full of diabetes and heart attacks if I didn't do something.

My journey began when I decided to start the couch to 5K. I've dieted before, but never had something to work towards. I signed up for a 5K for the fall. In June or July, I started to get off the couch and get moving. It has made all the difference. I've lost 75 pounds so far, with my highest weight being around 240 pounds. Thanks to a few friends of mine, I've done a couple of sprint triathlons, multiple 5Ks, and a 10K.

I was probably around 230 in this picture.

My first sprint triathlon. 2012

Not a great pic, but from my latest indoor mini Triathlon.

Hope you enjoy my blog!