Friday, March 15, 2013

Secret Eating

First, I made up a training plan today for a half marathon. My first one was supposed to be in August. However, I've decided to try one that is mostly downhill in June! It's not official yet because I haven't signed up, but I think it's definitely going to happen! Wish me luck!
Five miles today. Easy pace on the rail trail by my work. It felt good.

Secret Eating.
Have you ever hidden your trash so that your significant other or parents didn't see that you yet again went to a drive thru? Do you eat in your car all the time so people don't see what you ordered? Or do you only eat the bad things and large quantities when no one is home?

I did. I did all of these. All the time.

I would be so bad that I would secretly eat a whole meal from someplace, like Wendy's, and the my boyfriend would call to see if I wanted to meet him somewhere to eat. Instead of admitting the truth, I would go out and eat a whole other meal! I would hide all the bags and cups underneath other trash just so that he wouldn't know.

I remember in high school, just gorging myself on chips or whatever my parents had from the time I got home until my mom arrived. This was probably a good hour and a half of just eating.

This is one thing I've really tried to work on. Right now road trips are really hard for me if I'm by myself. It brings back all those thoughts that I can have something bad if I want to because I'm by myself.
I work on this by saying to myself that even though no one sees it, that food will hurt my weight loss. I also make sure to have healthier snacks with me. I also tend to take food to other peoples houses with me when I go visit. Yes, this might mean I'm still obsessed with food, but I'm very public about it. I don't eat things unless they are planned or in my calorie range. OR if it is a splurge on something I do it with other people. This way I don't feel like I have to feel ashamed or like I'm a bad person for having something extra. (Which I used to think that when I overate).

I'm sure you've heard it before, but the mental aspects of weight loss and with food are hard to overcome/get through. I feel like I think about food constantly and I know I do, but that's probably the way I'm always going to be and I just need to keep up with thinking about food that's going to fuel me to my half marathon and not what's going to hinder my weight loss!

Me after a run the other day. Can't wait until Spring and Summer.

Have a healthy and Happy weekend!