Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hope everyone had a Happy Easter or at least a happy day (if you don't celebrate Easter)!

 I went to my hometown on Friday after work and came back home Sunday evening. Richard, my boyfriend, had to work so he ended up staying home with the pups all weekend.

Saturday I got up early and ran four miles (yay to me for getting up early!). Then colored eggs with my niece and nephew, visited Richard's parents new puppy, and then went to dinner and a play with my two sisters and a couple of friends.

Sunday I just ran a couple of errands for my mom and then we had 'dinner' at 2. Can it really be called dinner if its that early?? We opted for lasagna this year instead of the traditional ham or turkey. I think it turned out yummy and of course I ate way too much and indulged in dessert. Something about being with my family takes away most of my resolve. Its generally okay with me if I'm there for only a couple of days, but I really need to work on it so that when I spend longer periods of time with them I can control myself.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my weekend:
Gross, I know, but this is my sweat that froze during my morning run!

Coloring eggs waiting for them to dry.
Meet April! A German Sheperd/Pyrenees mix. She's going to be huge!
My sister had to do some video shooting for a class she's taking. She made my mom take out the lasagna twice to get the shot.

I'm ready for an extra healthy week of eating! Long run was pushed to tomorrow, which looks like it'll have to be on the treadmill because of more rain. But I'm ready to get the slow and kind of crappy week behind me and get going on a more positive week.

Health and Happiness is key.