Friday, March 22, 2013

Helpful Tools for Less Pain

Yesterday I had a PR (Personal Record) for a 5K. Okay yes it was on the treadmill and not in a real race aaaand only by 10 seconds, lol, but a PR nonetheless! My time was 31.15 for 3.1 miles. I was having some back issues. I have a pinched sciatic nerve that can make walking hard and painful, but I was determined to push through. I'm hoping that my next 5K I can get under 31 minutes. That won't be until May when I go to Tennessee, but I'm hopeful!

Today I did a very slow 4 miles. My back/hip was bothering me again and I didn't want to aggravate it like I did yesterday. Also, I wanted to take it slow to rest up for my 10K on Sunday! I'm excited, but also dreading this race. I'm looking forward to the challenge, it will only be my second 10K, but it's supposed to be snowing/raining! Bummmer! I'm totally a wimp when it comes to running in bad weather. I'll run no matter what, but I'd rather enjoy this run then tortured the whole time!

Since I've been upping my miles lately I was a little concerned that my plantar fasciitis was going to be a problem. I was experiencing some cramping and tightening. I went out to Dick's Sporting Goods and got Orthotics for my shoes. This seems to have alleviated the pain, so thankful! Now if I can just get my pinched nerve to quit acting up, all will be well.

Oh, I also picked up a foam roller. It hurts like a mother! But I figure it's good to get rid of the lactic acid that builds up in your legs. I'm the worst at stretching, so hopefully I'll do this a bit and stretch more...

Exciting stuff I know! But it's all necessary to get me through those 13 miles!

Have a great weekend and I'll post as soon as my 10K is finished on Sunday....if we don't get snowed out!