Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last Snow?

Oi Vay! I am SO Sore from the Cooper's Rock 10K on Sunday! I told you there were a lot of hills and my quads don't lie! It kinda hurt to move, especially to sit down or get up. Monday was a scheduled rest day,  I definitely should have went on a walk, but with this outside I just wanted a warm blanket....

(This is the historical site where I work). Tuesday I was nervous about the five miles I had scheduled, but I really wanted to get it over with, so I pushed through the soreness and I feel better for it today. I also made sure I stretched really well afterwards, which I'm the worlds worst for not stretching, ever.

Well, my boyfriend just called to say he ripped his pants. So I guess I better get going and take him some new ones!

Spin class today, tempo four miles tomorrow and four or five miles Friday. I'm headed to my hometown this weekend to be with my family for Easter. I'm excited! I love hanging out with my family and old friends.

Have a Healthy and Happy day everyone!